BentoML can be configured through configuration properties defined in the default_bentoml.cfg. The values of configuration properties are applied in the following precedence order.

  • Environment Variables

  • User Defined Configuration File

  • BentoML Defaults

Environment Variables

To override a configuration property, environment variables should be named in the following convention, BENTOML__<SECTION>__<KEY>, in upper case letters.

For example, to override the level property to ERROR in the logging section of the configuration, user should define an environment variable named BENTOML__LOGGING__LEVEL with value ERROR.

level = INFO

See Docker example below for setting the environment variable of logging level.


User Defined Configuration File

A user defined configuration file, in the same format as the default_bentoml.cfg can be placed under the BentoML home directory with the file name bentoml.cfg, to override existing configuration properties.

The example below, overrides both level and file_logging_enabled properties in the logging section, to change logging level to WARN and disable file based logging.

level = WARN
file_logging_enabled = false

See Docker example below for injecting the BentoML configuration file into the container.

$ docker run -v /local/path/to/bentoml.cfg:{BENTOML_HOME}/bentoml.cfg

BentoML Defaults

Any non-overridden properties will fallback to the default values defined in default_bentoml.cfg.