🍱 BentoML is distributed as a Python Package available on PyPI. Install BentoML alongside with whichever deep learning library you are working with, and you are ready to go!

  • BentoML supports Linux/UNIX, Windows, and MacOS.

  • BentoML requires Python 3.7 or above.

pip install bentoml

To install all additional features in BentoML, such as gRPC, S3 support, and more, use the all variant. Features can also be installed separate later.

pip install "bentoml[all]"

Install from Source#

If you want to install BentoML from source, run the following command:

pip install git+

This will install the bleeding edge main version of BentoML. The main version is useful for stay-up-to-date with the latest features and bug fixes. However, this means that main version is not always stable. If you run into any issues, please either create an issue or join our community Slack to get help.

Editable Install#

You may want an editable install if:

  • You want to stay-up-to-date with the latest features and bug fixes

  • You want to contribute to 🍱 BentoML and test code changes


Make sure that you have the following requirements:

See also

You’re always welcome to make contributions to the project and its documentation. Check out the

BentoML development guide and documentation guide to get started.

Clone the repository to your local folder and install 🍱 BentoML with the following command:

git clone
cd bentoml
pip install -e .

This command will install 🍱 BentoML in editable mode, which allows you to install the project without copying any files. Python will link this folder and add it to Python library paths. This means that any changes you make to the folder will and can be tested immediately.

For user using setuptools>=64.0.0

BentoML uses setuptools to build and package the project. Since setuptools>=64.0.0, setuptools implemented PEP 660, which changes the behavior of editable install in comparison with previous version of setuptools.

Currently, BentoML is not compatible with this new behavior. To install BentoML in editable mode, you have to pass --config-settings editable_mode=compat to pip.

pip install -e ".[grpc]" --config-settings editable_mode=compat

See setuptools’ development mode guide for more information.


You must not remove bentoml folder after installing in editable mode to keep using the library.

After that you can easily update your clone with the latest changes on main branch with the following command:

cd bentoml
git pull