Example Projects

Here are the official BentoML example projects that you can find in the bentoml/gallery repository, grouped by the main ML training framework used in the project.

You can download the examples below and run them on your computer. Links to run them on Google Colab are also available, although some of the features demo’d in the notebooks does not work in the Colab environment due to its limitations, including running the BentoML API model server, building docker image or creating cloud deployment.




Tensorflow Keras

Tensorflow 2.0






SQL Server Machine Learning Services


Community Projects

  • Stress Analysis in Social Media (Tensorflow, BERT) - Project Link

  • Unsupervised OpenIE (NLP, PyTorch, flair) - Project Link

  • Find Duplicated Jobs Prediction (FastAI, PyTorch) - Project Link

  • Rossmann Sales Forecast (FastAI) - Project Link

  • Credit Default Prediction (Scikit-Learn) Project Link

  • Sun or Rain Inference (fastai, torchvision, Image Recognition) - Project Link

  • AiSpace - deep learning platform with pre-trained models - Project Link

  • Serving ResNet model with BentoML Project Link

If you have a project built with BentoML and would like to share with the community, feel free to create a Pull Request and add your project to the list above.